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Head Explodey...

I often work on several things at the same time when I write. My brain runs wild with thoughts (if you ever read an unedited piece, you'll understand). When I'm working on something, I'm always reading, or watching tv and movies. This sets my brain firing off in other directions. I do this, too, for those times when I get stuck. When the words aren't coming out the way I want them, or I'm simply having trouble separating Chad and all his doubts and worries from the moment. Being able to put that aside and go to something else usually helps. Sometimes, it backfires. And when it backfires? My work crawls. Anyone else have this problem?

The Concierge

Two of my stories feature a man I refer to as the "Concierge". The guy who specializes in getting you all those weird things you didn't know how to get on your own and sure as hell didn't want to admit you wanted. In "The Double D", he's after John Dillinger's penis that was severed and kept in a jar on orders from J. Edgar Hoover. In "Lord Knows", he's after Tupac's bulletproof vest. Both stories reference other things he's obtained. I'm working on a new story. But I've run into two problems. I've never thought about either one. The first is balance. Expecially, when it comes to explaination and exposition. One hand, I'd like to assume that someone reading it has read the other stories and understands the shtick. On the other, chances are, someone reading the third story probably hasn't read either of the two. So, how do I put enough in so the new reader gets it, and get's it quick, but without bor