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Weird Thrift Store Finds


Political Post: More Fighting Fascists


Political Post: Fighting Fascists

However you may feel about it, answering the call of fascists with your fists is nothing new. Here are Londoners responding to notorious British fascist Oswald Mosley in 1962:

Death Wish? Ugh...

The trailer for Eli Roth’s new Death Wish remake with Bruce Willis looks awful. no wonder it's being labelled as racist and an alt-right-violence fantasy. Someday it would sure be nice to see a close adaptation of Brian Garfield’s slow-burn novel about how a terrible but random trauma buries an average man under a mountain of grief and rage until he feels like he has no choice but construct an alternate morality that’s contrary to everything he's ever believed in simply to cope. The bulk of the novel is Paul trying to wrap his brain around what's happened and deal with his trauma; he doesn't actually kill anyone until like the last 50 pages.

Random Thoughts, Post-Charlottesville

Thoughts following Charlottesville: Free speech —your right to free speech is about what the government can and can’t do to inhibit your speech. It has zero to do with your job, your friends, someone else’s Facebook page, or even your community getting together and saying you’re a dickbag and should just go away. And it does not now, nor has it ever protected you from consequences like getting arrested, getting sued, getting fired, getting unfriended, or getting punched in the face. Quick to judge/A mile in someone’s shoes —you are shaped by your experiences, your circumstances, and your thoughts. Compassion comes from being able to put all that aside and really think about what someone else has gone through so you can acknowledge the truth of their experience. If you can’t do that, if you can’t put you aside, then you can’t contribute anything really meaningful to the conversation, because all you’re doing is engaging in an intellectual exercise with you as the star. And you


Currently on the 5th season of Homeland . Honestly not really sure why I’m still watching it or even if I’ll make it through to the 6th. Yeah, sometimes when it’s cooking it’s great drama, but ugh… I feel like first season the show at least tried to deal objectively with the problems of the US trying to police the world and our shitty foreign policy causing the terror we’re supposedly trying to stop. However, I feel like that all falls by the wayside in favor of Frankenstein logic—“Muslims bad!”—and boy, drone strikes sure are awesome! And, man, each successive season my dislike for Carrie Mathison has gone up. So, two episodes into this season, I'm having a hard time buying Carrie as working at a philanthropic organization.