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The Super Hero Craze, Part I

I see a lot people complaining about all the superhero movies, sequels, and remakes. I understand the griping, I really do.  However, I wouldn’t expect any of these to end anytime soon. Look, there are some things you need to realize. Once you do, we will all be better off. Yes, our creative landscape is shifting. Access to new technology and the shitty economy—unless you’re a millionaire, in which case the economy is awesome—has impacted the way we consume. Our buying, viewing, listening, and reading habits are all different now. But that landscape is still overseen by large corporations. Now, corporations need to grow their profits to survive. That’s how capitalism works. When that growth is threatened—like it has been with our altered spending habits, corporations will do everything they can to maintain the profits they’re used to, with as little effort and risk as possible. So we get more superhero movies, more sequels, and more remakes because corporations alre