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The Six Million Dollar Man

My favorite television show as a kid was The Six Million Dollar Man . I watched it incessantly in syndication and wore a red track suit everywhere my mother would let me—you don’t know how many times the neighbors watched me run in slow-mo down our driveway to check the mail. I cherished my 12-inch action figure with the Bionic Transport and Repair Station until my dog ate Steve’s good arm off. And Jaime Sommers was probably my first crush well before I even realized what a crush was. Years later, I figured out the show was based on a series of books by Martin Caidin. I tracked the novels down at my local library and read all four of them, experiencing the adventures of a Steve Austin who was a Vietnam vet and a far more violent bionic agent. Then, many years later still, when actor Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman) convinced the networks to produce three made-for-tv reunion films, I didn’t care that Lee Majors looked pudgy and Lindsay Wagner looked old. I eagerly recorded tho