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The Sunset Blonde At The Salton Sea

The Sunset Blonde At The Salton Sea by Chad Eagleton Here’s what he never told you that night in the bar— She's a neo-noir waiting to happen...driving down lonely two-lane highway, a trunk full of insurance money, and a pawnshop .38 under the seat, Miles Davis on the radio and she keeps kicking the half-empty bottle of Jim Beam with her boot heel as you steer toward The Salton Sea, where she made you promise to take her because the night before her brother died, the two of them watched The Monster That Challenged The World on late night TV and it was only a month ago she made you buy that Val Kilmer movie at the video store even though you thought 10 bucks was a little much for a used DVD. She’s been talking about it ever since like her brother will be there waiting for her, all that salt and water keeping his spirit earthbound like a magician’s circle… Driving in her burnt-orange, 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner, the car she inherited from her brother, smoking Pall Malls, the

Dancing With Myself

For some reason, Nigel Bird asked me to be a part of his Dancing With Myself interviews. I'm humbled to feature on the same site with writers more talented than myself. If, for some reason, you're curious about me, then go check it out.