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Give Me Ramirez!

  Apparently they’re doing a Highlander reboot with Henry Cavill. You know what I’d rather see instead? A prequel series (either live action films or an anime) following an appropriately cast Ramirez.  Imagine: 896 Egypt, Tak-Ne learns he’s immortal. Quickenings amongst the pyramids. Then sword battles across the ancient world. Marrying a beautiful princess in ancient Japan. Battling The Kurgan along the Russian steppes. Taking the name Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez when he joins the court of King Charles V just before he sets out for the Highlands, chasing rumors of the Kurgan. You’ve got plenty of coolness right there without rebooting anything. And casting it appropriately would be a great way to course correct.

Sons of Sam

I suppose it’s fitting that Netflix would release a docu-series about Maury Terry’s: the Son of Sam was part of global Satanic cult nonsense. One has only to look at Q-Anon to see the Satanic Panic has never really gone away. And it’s not surprising that it wouldn’t. The Satanic Panic is such a perfect product of American culture and societal disfunction. This ridiculous notion of a vast network of the diabolic committing atrocities was birthed in the disillusioned 70s from the ritualistic crimes sensationalized by the changing face of journalism and super-charged with a big dose of the occult thanks to a popular culture drunk on the success of The Exorcist . But the Panic truly came of age during Reagan’s 80's as societal trust plummeted, greed was labeled as good, and countless opportunists came out of the woodwork to shill made-up memoirs of life in Satanic cults, peddle their services as “occult crime experts”, or send innocent people to jail thanks to “recovered memories.”