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No Amount

This you need to remember:

Occupy Meatspace


What Cause Us The Most Trouble As Human Beings?

I think the thing that causes us the most trouble as human beings is our reluctance to deal with things simply as they are. Seriously. You name it. Whether it’s a situation or someone’s behavior or your relationship or your job or your living/work situation, chances are the thing that causes you the most grief comes down to not seeing it all clearly, as it is, simple and without judgment. You know, all too often we want something a certain way when it’s just not that way, but we continue on as if it were and cause ourselves nothing but more and more difficulty. Or we become so focused on how we want something to be that we can’t see anything else and something that we could fix or change or even just feel bad about then let go never gets resolved. I see this all the time in the day job. Someone comes to our office with a situation, I lay out the options and those aren’t the options they wanted so they go barreling off doing something else or spending all their time making a fus

Memento Mori

Memento Mori next to my living room chair.

The Story of God

Hulu added the first season of The Story of God hosted by Morgan Freeman. It's worth a watch if you're interested in this type of thing. Each episode has a theme (Creation, Death, Evil, etc.), then examines what different religions believe and how the idea has changed historically.

Boleskin House

On The Hopeful Salvation of Boleskin House...

About That Hacking

In case you've forgotten, about our own hacking efforts of allies .

Frank the Pug's Morning

Frank takes it easy in the morning. He moves from the bed to the couch.