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Christopher Grant has finally caught up on the backlog for the 600-700 Word Challenge at A Twist of Noir . The challenge was simple: the number you were assigned equals the number of words to write your story. "Smile" is my second story for the challenge and comes in as number 694. I hope you'll give it a read when you get the chance.

Skott Kilander

© Skott Kilander I've always liked Skott Kilander's artwork. Hanging in our living room is a great Bride of Frankenstein pinup the wife commissioned as an anniversary present. He was, for me, the obvious choice to do the cover art for Hoods, Hot Rods, and Hellcats . A couple of weeks ago, he sent his final version of the cover art and it's fantastic. So good I wish I didn't have to muck it up with some text. Until I can reveal it, you should check out some of his other art and sketches over at his blog: Sleepy Oni .

Feeding Kate

Feeding Kate Sabrina Ogden, book blogger, co-editor at Shotgun Honey, and all around nice lady, needs jaw surgery and her insurance won't pay the $15k. Sabrina has championed a number of authors. Now, some of those authors have decided to champion her with an anthology called Feeding Kate .If you donate as little as $5, you'll receive an e-book copy of our anthology. For $18, you'll receive a print copy. Each donation puts Sabrina one step closer to the jaw surgery she needs. Look, everyone keeps talking about this vibrant online crime community. Well, if that's true, then prove it. Simply liking the same thing does not make a community. A community is more than a group of consumers purchasing similiar products. It's not a link-sharing business. It's not even a reviewing service to click the 5th star on your Amazon rating. A community is about belief and mutual assistance — i t's intent and shared purpose for the benefit of all. Join our crime

Danny Lyon

Photograph by Danny Lyon, 1965, portfolio 1979 The Museum of Contemporary Photography. In his own post on rockabilly, Thomas Pluck reminded me of how much I like the work of Danny Lyon, the photographer and filmmaker from Brooklyn, New York. All his work is brilliant, but I was always especially fond of Bikeriders , and not just because so many of the pictures were taken in Indiana. For a sampling of Lyon's work, visit the Museum of Contemporary Photography's website .