Shane Stevens was born in Hell's Kitchen and grew up in Harlem. He was the author of Go Down Dead, Way Uptown In Another World, Dead City, Rat Pack, By Reason of Insanity, and The Anvil Chorus. Under the pseudonym J.W. Ryder, he wrote the novels Jersey Tomatoes and Hot Tickets featuring a PI named Malone, an ex-seminiarian and former FBI agent living and operating in Jersey City.

A rare photograph of Shane Stevens
Stevens is perhaps best remembered today thanks to Stephen King's The Dark Half. In the afterward to his novel, the Master of Horror confesses that he borrowed the name Alexis Machine from  Dead City and praises Stevens for having produced "three of the finest novels ever written about the dark side of the American Dream." 


For some time now, I've been researching Stevens in an attempt to construct a biographical portrait of the forgotten writer. 


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