Why I No Longer Watch SVU Even Though I Think Mariska Hargitay Is Hot

I used to like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The writing was decent, if sometimes a little ridiculous and plot-twisting. The acting was good, especially for network television. I like Christopher Meloni (not as much and in a different way than Maria does). He was amazing on HBO's Oz.

And Mariska Hargitay?

Well, she's just absolutely stunning.

But I can't watch SVU anymore.

Alright, maybe I shouldn't say can't. I should probably say, I haven't watched it in a while and don't think I will again...

On Monday, the Sexual Assault Resource Guide I wrote came back from the printers and was distributed to floor RA's, Residence Managers, the Health Center, the Student Advocates Office, and others on campus. I spent more time sweating over this thing, rewriting, having meetings, arguing about word choice (survivor or victim), and learning more than I ever wanted to know about the topic of sexual assault.

All I've ever wanted is to write. If you work out the time I spent on the guide at work, I got paid more for this than anything else I've ever written. More people will read this than anything I've written so far. But, while I do feel proud that I wrote this, that my words might actually mean something, I wish that no one ever had to read it.

I've never said that about anything else I've written, but it's true—I wish no one ever had to read this.


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