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Forgotten Music: Johnny Burnette's Rock N Roll Trio

Though you’ve probably never heard of The Rock And Roll Trio, I guarantee you've heard at least one cover of Train Kept A-Rollin' . Regrettably, like most of the rockabilly pioneers, they never managed to land a huge, national hit and, as evidenced by their influence on the British Invastion, achieved more success abroad. If mentioned at all, it’s usually just the Elvis connection. Johnny and his brother Dorsey grew up in the same projects as Presley. Dorsey and Paul Burlison both worked for Crown Electric where Elvis drove trucks. When Dorsey finally quit the Trio prior to their appearance in the Alan Freed film Rock, Rock, Rock , he was replaced by Johnny Black, the brother of Presley’s bassist. Frequently their lack of big success is dismissed due to their “Elvis” similarity. But none of them were ever ripoff artists and ripoff artists don't have the lasting effect on a generation of muscians they did. In fact, the Burnette Boys wrote “Rock Billy Boogie” in 1953. Their m

Needle Magazine's First Flash Fiction Challenge

The folks who run Needle: A Magazine of Noir issued a flash fiction challenge. For the details of the challenge, head on over there . Keep reading below for my untitled entry. *** “I’ve never been here before,” the girl said. “The Space Needle? You live in Seattle.” “It’s a touristy place. We never go—went to touristy places.” The woman put the menu down and smiled with white teeth. “You never had the money. Now, you’ll go to a lot of touristy places.” “When everything’s paid back,” the girl said and she smiled. “You need to use the Crest Strips I gave you,” the woman said. “They don’t want to see yellow teeth.” The girl closed her mouth and watched the city spin below her. She felt dizzy. “The yellow doesn’t really bother me,” she said. “I never liked the gap and the chip right here in front, but St—“ “They don’t want to hear about other men.” “Oh.” She nodded. “You’re nervous aren’t you?” The woman asked. “Do you want a drink?” “Yes.” Like the devil, the waitress appeared. The woman

Jason Duke's Red Hot Writing Contest

For details of the contest, head here . And if you're wondering, then I'll tell you. Yes, Jason Duke is that crazy. *** Flash Drive I've put a price on things you wouldn't believe. Now, I can tell you how much my conscience is worth... Callard rubbed the flash drive like a lucky rabbit’s foot. “Your name’s Defoe?” It wasn’t, but that’s how Hargrove knew me. Hargrove arranged the meet and it was Hargrove’s boat that took us up the coast. “It is,” I said. “And you’re like a middleman?” “Didn’t Hargrove explain it to you?” Hargrove came from below with two bottles of Stella Artois. He said, “I did.” He handed Callard his beer, then the tall man moved across the deck. Callard stuck the flash drive in his shirt pocket. His face read late 30s. His clothes read maybe 20. He tipped his beer then said, “I want you to explain it to me.” “I get people things.” I lit a smoke. Hargrove clinked his bottle against the railing. At the gesture, I opened the ashtray in the armrest. “Thin

Distressing Thoughts

The main danger of blogging is the possibility of alienating others. Years ago, there was a particular science fiction author I used to enjoy quite a bit. Then I discovered his blog. After getting a taste of his political and religious beliefs, I found the man so abhorent that I have never purchased or borrowed a single thing he has written since. That's why I don't read biographies; generally, I want to continue liking the people I like. Sometimes, though, it can happen when I don't think you're really considering the risk. Case in point, earlier this week I was reading the newsletter of another author. Among the usual lists of appearances and publication dates, this author puts little bits of personal stuff. Most of the time, it's nice and makes the author seem a little more human and not so much like a thing or a product. This time he included a short movie review. It happened to be for a movie I really enjoyed. I don't think that everyone must like what I li