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Star Trek 50th Anniversary: Star Trek The Motion Picture

I loved Star Trek when I was a kid. Just loved it. I remember I made my mom take me to see Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in the theatre and I bawled all the way home after Spock died.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, I'm going to rewatch all the films and post my thoughts and observations. When I make it all the way through, I'll sum everthing up. 

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Almost as soon as the series was cancelled, Roddenberry began lobbying Paramount for a feature film. Paramount didn’t agree until 1975, after the series did extremely well in syndication. However, despite a multitude of scripts being turned in, the studio passed on all of them before finally cancelling the project in 1977 with a plan to reboot the franchise with a new TV show.

That changed again when Close Encounters of the Third Kind ended up a box office hit. Paramount decided a feature film was the way to go. So the pilot episode for Star Trek: Phase II (An Alan Dean Foster script based on an idea …

Karma on Death Row

This talk by Damien Echols of the West Memphis 3 is absolutely worth a read.

Favorite Vampire TV Shows

Tonight's viewing is season two of one of my favorite vampire tv shows.

"He was brought across in 1228. He preyed on humans for their blood. Now he wants to be mortal again. To repay society for his sins, to emerge from his world of darkness, from his endless forever...night."