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New Adventure Story Available

I have an adventure story in the current issue of the much underrated Broadswords & Blasters . “The Lady and the Gunsmith” is verse one of my love song to the work of Alexandre Dumas ( The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo ), while Leon D'esme, my androgynous spy, is inspired by the real life adventures of the Chevalier d’Eon , a trans spy for France. D’Eon was a decorated soldier, sword master, ambassador, skilled mimic, and spy for the Secret du Roi who infiltrated the Russian Court by presenting as a woman. Years later, after returning for political exile in London, d'Eon demanded to be identified as a woman. By the King's order, d'Eon's pension was increased to fund an entirely new wardrobe for the master spy--women's dresses especially tailored to not get in the way during fencing exhibitions and contests. Check it out here . Hope you dig it (because I have more stories featuring the Chevalier d'Esme) and take the time t