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Working the line...

Have you checked out Crimefactory since Keith Rawson , Cameron Ashley, and Liam Jose brought it back? Unbelievably, the second issue is even more stunning than the last and not just because I'm in it. CF features first rate fiction, insightful reviews and some amazing design/layout work. It just proves why Keith is the hardest working man who isn't getting paid for this shit and why those Australians are the coolest people I know who I haven't' actually met. This issue is a monster of goodness that clocks in at 126 pages. I'm always excited to appear next to Patti Abbott and Jimmy Callaway; neither has ever turned out anything less than amazing; but, to be there along with Reed Farrell Coleman, Charlie Stella, Craig MacDonald, and Dave Zeltersman...are you fucking kidding me?!?!? So go there now. Save it and read it at your leisure, or print it out and take it with you. You can download it as a PDF or formatted for the Kindle, Nook, or Sony Reader. Do you see the

The Day The Music Died

For Dan O'Shea's Let Us Prey: Flash Fiction Challenge , Christopher Grant, the editor of A Twist of Noir , wrote a story called Reverberations . It's an outstanding story that makes you wish that Christopher Grant wrote more often. In the piece, he introduced the character of an unnamed hitman who is deaf. We wanted more. To spur Christopher Grant on, Jimmy Callaway wrote Closed Captioned featuring Grant's hitman. This was followed by J.F. Juzwik's tale, Blind Date . And here, with a far too kind introduction from Christopher Grant, is my tale, The Day The Music Died .