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My copy of Feeding Kate . This benefit anthology is the only place you’ll ever be able to read my story “Cakewalk.” Originally put together to help  Sabrina Ogden  with her jaw surgery, it is now available for the  Kindle . All proceeds now benefit  The Lupus Foundation .

Cover Reveal

Simon Rip’s next adventure is almost here. In The Clear, Black Fields of Night is my novella follow-up to BTAP’s A Rip Through Time   written by Chris Holm, Charles Gramlich, Garnett Elliott, and me.  If you liked the timecop's first adventure, you should appreciate this one. The stakes are higher, several lingering questions are answered, the truth of the conspiracy is revealed, and if you thought "The Last Painting of Hawley Exton" was a simple coda then you'll see just how wrong you were.

What's So Funny? Nothing.

Except for a few instances, DC has had bad luck adapting their comic properties. Most of DC’s films have been terrible, but their animated features are almost always pretty good. Over my winter break, they added a number to Netflix streaming and I watched several. Superman vs. The Elite is an animated film based on Action Comics issue #775 (2001), “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?” The plot is pretty simple. When war breaks out in the countries of Bialyia and Pokolistan, the world is introduced to a young and hyper violent team of superheroes called The Elite. Initially Superman and The Elite try to work together, but they quickly come into conflict over methods. Superman believes, as he always has, that killing is wrong, powers do not put anyone above the law, and superheroes should serve as an example for the world to follow. The Elite believe the world has changed, people want evil to stop, and powers can ensure it does. The conflict escalates