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There, But For The Cape, Go I

Below, you'll find my attempt to score some free Gischler from Chad Rohrbacher. For details, go here . **** Before the meeting, I share a smoke with Joey, the kid who drank toxic goo. I don’t smoke, but no one else ever comes back here and stands along the wall by the medical waste containers with their view of the crumbling monolith of the Galt Housing Projects. Joey chatters at me while he smokes. I can’t understand a single thing he says; it’s all gurgles and wet pops. But my being there makes him happy. He doesn’t know I’m not listening. That I’m looking for some sign of Dr. Athmos, the criminal mastermind expelled from the hospital two months ago for crimes against humanity. Joey grinds his smoke out and we head inside. We share an elevator with Reggie and Polly. Reggie fuses with his hair all the way down to the basement. Poor guy used to get 1000 dollar haircuts, but he squandered everything buying some scarab ring off eBay he thought would give him mystical powers. It didn

Me and the Gaga

When I write, I often listen to music. Sometimes for the background noise. Sometimes to achieve the right mindset for what I hope to accomplish. And, depending on how the day job went, sometimes to strangle the morning in it's cradle before it matures and ruins my night. So, here is a list of some of the specific things I remember listening to while writing- "The Double D" A lot of Tom Waits ; especially, Small Change . Bits and pieces of Bite Your Tongue by The Sex Slaves . "Lord Knows" A lot of Tupac ; including, the entirety of Me Against the World . Some Geto Boys . "Six Bullets For John Carter" The soundtrack to Blade Runner . A mix of Eurotrash techno. "Not A Single Penny For Your Eyes" A mix of my favorite Springsteen songs. Some Neko Case ; especially "Thrice All-American". And a little Iris Dement . "Mascara Contra Mascara" Los Lobos . Chingon (Robert Rodriguez's band and the name of my luchador). Latin Pla