September 16, 2019

Russian Folk-Punk

Alone most days in the day job's office.

Now that classes have started, I have to have the door shut or students come in constantly with demands. So I tend to have a lot of music playing in the background while I work.

Today, I'm on a Russian/Soviet Folk-Punk kick. Here's Konstantin Stupin singing a song called "Bushy Tail Fox"

September 13, 2019

Alien Nation

Watched Alien Nation last night.

Haven't seen the film in forever. Except for the makeup, it holds up very well. Such a smart, fun idea with gobs of potential.

Watching it I was thinking, this is something that can be rebooted pretty easily...but then I thought, they'd only screw it up and low and behold turns out I was right.

A quick Google search shows that Fox had a reboot in the works but Disney quashed it. And I'm glad they did, because it was absolutely nothing like the original film. It wasn't a buddy cop movie and it was set in Arkansas.

Jesus Christ, Hollywood is doomed.

September 12, 2019

Dead to Me

Finally got around to watching Dead to Me on Netflix.

It’s beautifully written and well acted black comedy. It’s that right dramatic mix of sweet and sad and funny.

Also, as a grown man over the age of 40, it’s refreshing to watch something with grown women over the age of 40, grown women allowed to be messy and complicated and lonely and angry and authentic and just, you know, be their actual age without having to pretend to be younger or forced to put their career on hold until they can play grandmothers as bit parts.

And the real kicker is, both Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini kill it in their roles.
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