March 14, 2018

March Update

Between the day job kicking my ass and my wife having a uveitis flare-up, I've neglected the blog in particular and social media in general. However, I do have another piece up today at Disinformation, a story in next month's Lovecraftiana, and some Shane Stevens news to report soon.

February 23, 2018

Spring is Coming

Had some personal things come up. The brutal cold destroyed our pipes and meant I had to have the plumber out twice to do extensive repair work. That was immediately followed by some car trouble. But I have a lot on the way soon: new fiction, new non-fiction pieces at Disinfo, and some Shane Stevens news.

January 8, 2018

New Adventure Story Available

I have an adventure story in the current issue of the much underrated Broadswords & Blasters.

“The Lady and the Gunsmith” is verse one of my love song to the work of Alexandre Dumas (The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo), while Leon D'esme, my androgynous spy, is inspired by the real life adventures of the Chevalier d’Eon, a trans spy for France.

D’Eon was a decorated soldier, sword master, ambassador, skilled mimic, and spy for the Secret du Roi who infiltrated the Russian Court by presenting as a woman. Years later, after returning for political exile in London, d'Eon demanded to be identified as a woman. By the King's order, d'Eon's pension was increased to fund an entirely new wardrobe for the master spy--women's dresses especially tailored to not get in the way during fencing exhibitions and contests.

Check it out here. Hope you dig it (because I have more stories featuring the Chevalier d'Esme) and take the time to review the entire issue because there is lots of good stuff there.

December 8, 2017

The Problem with "Atheists"

It was really bright the other day so my wife needed my help reading her Facebook notifications. A friend of hers with lots of Facebook friends and followers posted a status asking people to post their religion because she wanted to see how diverse her friends and followers were.

Everyone who practiced a religion, just said their religion (pagan, Christian, Buddhist, spiritualist, etc). Nothing else. No tirades. No proselytizing. At most maybe something like “reformed” whatever or maybe something like “secular Buddhist”.

However, everyone who said atheist felt the need to write a paragraph explaining why and go on a big aggressive and insulting tirade...Maybe they don’t need some form of spiritually to “teach them to a good person” but they need something to teach them not to be a smug and aggressive asshole.

I think a lot of it has to do with an entire generation being brought up on Dawkins' aggressive self-promotion and the Bill Maher's habit of proclaiming himself to be an intellectual who values reason but responding to all disagreement with elementary school insults and outright meanness.

It's such a pointless waste of time in mind. Because, for me, it really comes down to people, right? I mean that’s the issue. The problem is people not the belief.

I don’t care what people believe or don’t believe. Plenty of people believe things I think are shitty and plenty of people believe things I think are dumb. That’s none of my business or my concern until they use that thing to be an asshole or deny someone their rights or justify some other shitty behavior.

But to me, the issue is still people. Not the belief structure.

Pick a thing. Religion, science, race, nationalism, whatever. People have used all those and more to justify their shitty behavior and to commit terrible acts.

Without awareness and self-reflection and consequence for actions and behaviors, people use whatever they can to remove themselves from the responsibility of their own nastiness.

So my issue is always with people, not the justification.

Furthermore, what’s the goal of being shitty and condescending? Nothing that I can see other than serving your own ego. I mean whether we’re talking about religion and atheism, or politics, or...I don’t know TV shows--doesn’t matter the side--what does condescension and aggression accomplish?


December 6, 2017

Valerian and the City of 1,000 Planets

Watched Valerian and The City of 1,000 Planets.

Visually, I absolutely positively loved it. Stunning and imaginative. Absolutely adore that sort of fantastical SF.

However, the script needed a polish or three because there was not a whole lot holding it all together--which threw the pacing off and meant there were times I felt every bit of its 2 hour and 17 minute run-time. And the actors playing Valerian and Laureline were totally miscast.
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