Kung Fu Factory

Rina Takeda in the film, High-Kick Girl
 The special issue of Crime Factory is now available in print, .pdf, and, as soon as a some technical details are fixed, Kindle format.

As a writer and a martial artist, I was honored to be invited to participate. A couple of weeks ago when I was sent a version for final edits, it blew me away. The roster of writers was impressive. But the finished product is even more astonishing thanks to the quality work put in by Keith, Cameron, and Liam. Crime Factory is obviously a labor of love and it's never been clearer than with this special edition.

So, dig if you will:

From the far East-to-the backwoods of the American Nightmare - Crimefactory Magazine Presents: Kung Fu Factory! Crimefactory's hardest hitting pulpfest to date! Featuring new fiction and features by Christa Faust, Anthony Neil Smith, Frank Bill, Cameron Ashley, Duane Swiercynski, Chad Eagleton, Chris La Tray, Matthew McBride, Liam Jose, Jimmy Callaway, Garnett Elliot, Bryon Quertermous, the Nerd Of Noir, Michael S. Chong, and Joshua Reynolds!

Head over now and check out Kung Fu Factory!

When you finish, let me know what you think of my face-brusing, bone-shattering tale, "Down By The Water". Fans of The Dogfight should be sure not to miss it. My story reveals more about Johnny So Long and his Sayonara Boys while shining light on the longterm effects of Heckler and Doyle's actions.

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