Shane Stevens Saturday: The Me Nobody Knows

I've been able to verify that Shane Stevens wrote two different screenplays for Hollywood. The first was the planned adaptation of the musical The Me Nobody Knows. Essentially a series of connected vignettes about being poor, the musical was itself adapated from an anthology that collected the writings of New York City school children. On one hand, it seems a little strange, even with the subject matter, that Shane Stevens would be writing the screenplay for a musical. On the other, it is called "The Me Nobody Knows."

Finally, as part of the massive deal surrounding By Reason of Insanity, Stevens wrote the screen adaption of his novel for Columbia Pictures. Neither one of the two screenplays were ever produced. I've heard rumors that Stevens did other work in Hollywood, but I've never been able to verify that and, if he did, it must have been uncredited re-writes and polishes of someone else's work.

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