Dispatches from a Dead Brain

We’ve had one less person at work. I’ve being doing the job of two people during one of the busiest times of the year. For months now, I’ve been working on my investigative/critical piece on forgotten author, Shane Stevens. I finished it up a couple of weeks ago and it’s currently being looked over by someone whose opinion I value.

Consequently, my brain has been fried. I’m lucky I still remember how to type. I fully expect my brain to remain offline for the next couple of weeks. But I plan on going do swinging until April dies the death it deserves.

So, updates—

Head over to Spinetingler where I’m featured as part of their Conversations with the Bookless series. I probably run my mouth too much, but I believe everything I say and at least I'm saying something.

Shotgun Honey has only been around for a couple of weeks, but they’ve burst on the scene with the force of an 8-gauge blowing through clapboard. In a couple weeks my own voice will add to the boom.

In roughly two months, The Crime Factory print anthology will appear and remind everyone again why Keith, Cameron, and Liam kick so much ass.

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