What I'm Working On

My entry for the Watery Grave Invitational.

Another sci-fi/noir mash-up set in the same world as "Six Bullets For John Carter." This one is called, "The Silence of Untranslated Stars." It's slow going.

A Western tale called, "The Plum Thicket." Really hoping David Cranmer will take a look at this one when I'm done. Dialogue feels off to me right now--trying to go from realism but not stray into Deadwood territory (you know, Shakespeare if he coined the word cocksucker)

And Shane Stevens edits. Endless Stevens edits. That's the thing that worries about someday doing this for a living and getting paid. I don't know how you could ever manage to look at your work when it's finally done and printed without wanting to put a pencil through your left eye....

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