I've been working on two stories that I'm excited about. Think both are good ideas. Think I've executed what I was trying to do fairly well. The problem is: I'm stuck.

Stuck on plotting.

I had no idea how either one would end when I started writing them. I hoped as I wrote I'd figure all that out, answer all the unanswered questions. I bounced back and forth between them whenever I came to a tough spot and they were just flying along.

Now both are grounded and I have absolutely no idea how to bring either one to a close. This is especially frustrating because one of them is a mystery—not a crime story, an actual mystery with clues and a puzzle to unravel.

What do you do? How do you get through this? How do you move forward? Sometimes, I think it would be easier if I were an outliner or hardcore plotter who knew exactly what was going to happen before I ever sat down at the keyboard. Neither of those work for me. I think, I mull over, and then I go. Usually, it all works out.

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