A Rip Through Time

Are you a fan of the good old stuff? Doc Savage? The Shadow? The Avenger? Perry Rhodan? Analog Science Fiction and Fact? Amazing Stories?

Have you read all the classic pulps you can get your hands on and want more?

Do you miss bold and exciting prose? Quick pacing? Adventure? Excitement?

And danger!

Then why aren't you reading A Rip Through Time?

For over a year Beat To A Pulp has been tantalizing us with chapters from Simon Rip's adventures. This sci-fi serial has everything you could want: a dashing hero, a brilliant scientist, a beautiful woman, travels across time and space, monsters, and some fantastic action-packed writing by Chris F. Holm, Charles Gramlich, and Garnett Elliott.

Feel the wash of chronal energies:

Part I
Part II
Part III

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