F. Paul Wilson Interview in Crime Factory # 7

Crime Factory # 7 is now live. It's a massive issue. So large you'll be thankful it's in electronic format, thus sparing you the back trouble. It's full of a lot of good stuff, tons of fiction and feature by writers like Sean Doolittle, Todd Robinson, Matthew C. Funk, Derek Kelly, The Nerd of Noir, Richard Thomas, Don Lafferty, Joelle Charbonneau, and Edward Grainger.

It also includes an interview I did with F. Paul Wilson, the author of the long-running Repairman Jack series (one of my favorites). I conducted the interview a while ago, but its appearance was, understandably, delayed due to the computer theft that led to Cam cancelling the planned Horror Factory issue. The delay, I don't think, in no way makes the interview less relevant or timely.

It was a treat to speak to Mr. Wilson. I can honestly say he was one of the nicest and most understanding people I've ever met. If there is anything awkward with the interview, I can assure you--it's my fault and my fault alone.

Read it here.

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