I've Never Been Able To Put My Finger On It Until Now

For a short time there's a great essay on CSI over at Smart Pop Books. The always insightful and immensely talented Nick Mamatas managed to explain in a single paragraphy why I never liked CSI:

"CSI and the inevitable knock-offs (Bones, Crossing Jordan, and to a lesser extent the medical mystery show House) are the ultimate in wish-fulfillment. For all of us good American taxpayers, there is a nanny police state that uses nothing but objective and infallible means to keep society from falling into chaos. With infinite resources at its command, but no special demands made upon anyone except for the guilty, the nanny police state (staffed not by evil storm troopers or soulless technocrats, but sexy, if flawed, individuals) keeps us safe."
Read "You Care Who Killed Roger Ackroyd" before it's gone.

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