A Haunting Explained...

I’ve been a ghost. Here’s why:

The Simon Rip Novella
Four or five years ago, I wrote a novel called The Paperback Girl, a period P.I. story set in Las Vegas. I sent it off, had some nice things said about it, but no one took it...because it was terrible—just fucking awful. When I got the last rejection, I realized I needed to put longer things aside for a while. There was a lot I knew I needed to work on before I would be ready to tackle something so lengthy again and be more successful.

After writing "Darkling In The Eternal Space" and "The Last Painting of Hawley Exton,"  I knew I wasn’t finished yet with Simon Rip. Returning to science fiction/fantasy—my first love—would help break me of some of those lazy short-cuts I felt I had been taking with my crime fiction. More than that, there were exciting stories still to be told about David Cranmer’s time cop. I believed in those stories enough that I knew I wanted Rip’s next adventure to be the work I really pushed myself on.

In The Clear Black Fields of Night is the longest piece of fiction I’ve written since I typed: THE END on the last page of The Paperback Girl. Humility aside, I think it’s probably my best work to date. When you read it, I hope you agree.

Sekret Projekt #1
I’m pleased with “Somewhere Beyond The Pavement,” my contribution to Sekret Projekt #1. This weekend I’ll finish my own edits, then send it off for review. It’s a little more in line with the type of fiction you’d expect from me, but it’s still something different.

Plague Kisses
This crime/horror hybrid will be “part” of someone else’s ongoing series. It’s not due for a while, but I’ve already written a good bit of it. Besides, I’ve got the entire thing in my noggin. When something comes to you that clearly and that completely, you don’t let it lie.

Shane Stevens
Work goes on. Right now, I’m trying to raise funds for a research trip. If I can get the money together, it should provide me with the last bits of info I’ll need to put together a full portrait of Stevens.

Still To Come
There’s a thriller on the horizon, three crime stories already plotted, and my next attempt at a novel.

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