Manhunter's Mountain

Early last month I had the pleasure of reading Heath Lowrance’s Miles To Little Ridge. It was the first story written by another author using characters from Edward A. Grainger’s western series. Any fears about other writers using Cash and Gideon were put to rest by Lowrance’s superb effort.

Well, today marks the release of the first novel featuring The Outlaw Marshall. The news of a full-length adventure gets even better when you see who wrote it. Manhunter’s Mountain comes from none other than Wayne Dundee.

Man, does the product description on Amazon entice:
Manhunter's Mountain shows a powerful side to Cash Laramie as he makes his way down the side of a mountain with a prisoner in tow, and two prostitutes eager to flee a mining town that's gone bust, looking to make a new life for themselves. An early winter storm promises to make the journey more than a normal struggle. And, leaving town with two of its most precious gems, the prostitutes, puts Cash in the crosshairs of an angry gang of men who are willing to keep the women in town ... at any cost.

"A fast, hardboiled Western that continues the Cash Laramie legend with swagger and good, solid writing. Wayne Dundee brings his masterful voice to the Western and tells a Cash Laramie story in perfect pitch. Manhunter's Mountain should be on every Western fiction reader's bookshelf."
--Larry D. Sweazy, Spur Award-winning author of The Coyote Tracker.

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