Autographed Copy of Rat Pack

Shane Stevens' fourth novel takes place over a single night as four African-American youths prowl New York City’s dirty streets, hunting for the big score they hope will finally free them from their hopeless lives of crushing poverty. Once billed as "The American Clockwork Orange", Rat Pack is a brutal book, but far more humane than Burgess' novel. Clocking in around 200 pages, Stevens succeeds in crafting something both shocking and deeply moving without wasting a single word.

Rob Warren Books in Manhattan has a gorgeous copy for sale. Mr. Warren is extremely nice and very helpful. He's managed to acquire what's easily the best looking copy of a Stevens' book I've ever seen. More than that, his copy is a 1st edition hardcover and—it’s signed! If I had the money, I would buy it in an instant.

If you happen to be a Stevens fan and can afford it, snatch it up now.

And if you happen to be Lucy, then I'd like to talk to you...

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