Omaha cop Matt Worth has screwed up both his marriage and his career. After his superiors assign him the shit detail of patrolling a robbery-prone supermarket, there’s only one thing that gets him through the long nights of asking, “Paper or plastic?” Gwen. The cute checkout girl.

One night when his crush kills her abusive boyfriend, Worth makes a decision that will change everything. He’s not going to call it in. He’s going to cover it up. He’ll dump the body and the hot rod.

That’s when everything goes to hell...

Reading Sean Doolittle’s The Cleanup has been one of the few things that has made all the trips to the eye specialist in Indianapolis remotely bearable. I’m not going to cheapen this book with some slick attempt to be witty. All I want to say is if you’ve never read Doolittle, you’re missing out. He’s a first class writer who impresses me every time with his storytelling ability and keen understanding of character.

The only thing I don’t understand is why he’s not atop the bestseller lists or writing an original series for HBO.

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