After the Blackout

I've been dark on the social media for a while. Here's what I've been up, what you can expect to see real soon, and what's still coming down the pipeline


In The Clear, Black Fields Of Night — The Simon Rip novella. Our daring time-cop assembles a team to accompany him on a bold frontal assault against The Company, trace the conspiracy to rewrite time, and prevent its inception. Black Fields picks up shortly after the events of "Darkling In The Eternal Sky" and reveals "The Final Painting of Hawley Exton" to be more than just a simple coda. Loose ends are tied up, character backstories are explored, the true mastermind is revealed, and the stage is set for the biggest battle yet in the adventures of Simon Rip. My love song to Michael Moorcock and Grant Morrison features Time Devils, Space Vikings, Nazis, Ada Lovelace, Allegra Byron, John Whiteside Parsons, Elvis' dead twin brother Jessie Garon, and a mysterious young boy named Isamnion.

"Somewhere Beyond The Pavement" will be appearing in Beat To A Pulp: Superheroes. A simple walk to the local pizza place ends with a young boy in a superhero costume attempting to save his sister from a drug-addled kidnapper.

"Go Away" — Lost Children 2: The Protectors. Tommy has done an amazing job assembling an impressive array of talent for this anthology to benefit Protect. As I said before, I'm honored and extremely pleased my story about a heist, a career criminal, and an abused step-daughter found a place among its betters.

"Plague Kisses" — Written for the next Drunk on The Moon collection, Kisses pits Brazil's werewolf detective against my take on vampires. Roman Dalton receives a call from an old friend who wants him to track down a one night stand. Dalton's search leads him to discover that he's not the only predator in the City.

"Blood On The Milky Way" —  Thunder Road meets Mad Max. Written for Andrez Bergen's Tobacco-Stained Sky anthology, Milky Way explores the illicit dairy trade of post-apocalyptic Melbourne.

In The Works:

Hoods, Hot Rods, and Hell Cats — Greaser Noir. I'll be talking more about this soon, but I will say: the original cover art by Skott Kilander looks amazing, Brian S. Roe of RSquared Comics will be formatting it, and the stories turned in so far are badass.

Espionage Project — Can't say much about this right now, except it's plotted in my head and I'll began working on it in earnest very soon.

Shane Stevens — My vacation starts tomorrow. I only have two writing things planned: 1.) edits on HHH stories, and 2.) organizing my notes for the final death march on the Stevens biography.

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