Coming in 2013

There's a lot of words coming down the pipe from me in 2013. Here's a taste:

In The Clear, Black Fields of Night—The novella-length sequel to A Rip Through Time should be available soon. Black Fields finds Simon Rip assembling a team to end the fight against The Company’s conspiracy once and for all.

Hoods, Hot Rods, and Hellcats—Right now, I’m waiting on the introduction before racing to the finish line with this anthology of greaser crime tales.

Blood on the Milky Way—Wrote this post-apocalyptic tale of the illegal milk trade for Andrez Bergens’s Tobacco-Stained Sky anthology a while ago. It should see the light of day sometime in 2013.

Searching For Shane Stevens—The heart of my long promised Shane Stevens biography is actually done. I just need to add the new info I’ve uncovered and give it a big rewrite.

Untitled Spy Thriller—I’ve had this thriller for Beat To A Pulp plotted in my head for a while. The story just needed to simmer until I found the right voice for it. Now that I have it, I’ve been flying through it during my long winter break.

War of All Worlds—I’m very excited for people to read the conclusion to my Simon Rip arc. War will be epic and set the stage for other writers to send the timecop into exciting, new territory…assuming enough people dig Black Fields.

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