February 3, 2013

Black Fields Forever

In The Clear, Black Fields of Night is now available for the Kindle. It’s only 99 cents and includes Garnett Elliot’s “Loose Ends” short as a bonus. Pick it up here and, in case you missed it, grab Simon Rip’s first adventure here.

As a big fan of sci-fi pulp adventure, I’m very excited for Black Fields to finally be loose in the wild. To encourage your excitement, here’s what I’m gonna do: anyone who e-mails me proof that they purchased Black Fields by February 8th will get their name tossed in a hat; on February 9th, I’ll draw one of the names, whatever name I draw will receive a random issue from my old pulp mag collection. Plus, the first person to e-mail me the very specific Doctor Who nod that I included in Part I: Time And Terror will get a random issue from my French pulp mag collection.

My e-mail is pretty easy. It's my name. And it's a gmail account. You can also FB or Google+ message me, if you prefer.
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