Referral Contest

Okay, not much time left on the Hoods campaign. So here’s the deal--


As long as you're logged in with your Indiegogo account, the campaign page gives YOU a specific link that I can track back to YOU.

Or, if you don't have an Indiegogo account, when you make a donation, for as little as a dollar, then the site gives YOU a special link that I can track back to YOU.

So, start sharing.

Once the campaign is over, then I'll take a look at the dashboard. Whoever draws the most people to the campaign, will get a signed copy of the book. If you've already ordered a copy, then I'll send you the poster; if you're already getting the poster, then I'll send you one of the pin-ups. If you're one of the two people in for the whole thing, then I'll come up with something else cool.

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