Win A Signed Copy

If you participated in the Indiegogo campaign for Hoods, Hot Rods, and Hellcats, one of the donation level gifts was a paperback copy with a bookplate signed by all the writers except Mick Farren.

Now that all the gifts have been shipped and received, it turns out that I’ve got an extra book plate. So a paperback copy signed by all the writers can be yours and here’s how:
Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran
  • Purchase a copy of Hoods, Hot Rods, and Hellcats.
  • Message me proof of purchase, either through email, Facebook, or this blog by April 17th, 2014.
  • Make sure the subject line reads: HHH — SIGNED COPY.
  • On April 18th, I’ll pick a name at random, contact you to get your mailing address, and then drop your plated book in the mail.

Why April 17th? The first person to guess correctly, gets an entry.

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