Galaxies and Supernovas In The Growing Dark

On the way to work last week, I actually listened to the radio for a bit. The only worthwhile local station happened to play “Supernova,” the new song by Ray LaMontagne from the likewise titled album. I liked the song, thought it was catchy and a little bit more upbeat than his usual fare, at least what I’ve heard of his music.

It’s so rare to hear something new on the radio that I like, I had to send the song to my wife. I searched on Youtube for what I thought was a vocal only track. Her vision is so bad now, I worried that if I sent the music video she’d strain to see it and that would upset her more, serve as a vicious reminder how much her sight has deteriorated. Soon as I saw this this one labelled: Supernova (Audio), I sent her the link.

But I didn’t watch it.

She texted me a few minutes later, said she liked the song and “that’s what I see.”

I texted her back: ?

She told me to close one eye and put my hand over, start the video and watch it up close with the other eye squinted, then turn suddenly and stare a blank wall.

As her sight fails, the growing dark fills with galaxies and supernovas.

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