A Little About The Whistler

Looks like the print version of Thomas Pluck's anthology Protectors 2: Heroes will be available for pre-order very soon. Included in the stories to benefit Protect is a stunning illustration by Dyer Wilk for my tale, “The Whistler In The Graveyard.”

Long before I ever read or wrote a crime story, horror and weird fiction were my first loves. "Whistler" is my YA occult detective story and the product of a childhood spent watching Kolchak while reading Christopher Pike, John Bellairs, Clark Ashton Smith, and Lord Dunsany, then filtered through a good bit of anime. There’s a private school, a terrible thunderstorm, a doppelgänger, monsters, and a graveyard showdown. But there’s also a boy trying to become the man he wanted his father to be, and a girl who refuses to be seen and not heard.

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