Politics: How Write-In Voting Works

Still seeing a lot of people talking about writing in Bernie as their choice for president. That's not how write-in candidates work. 34 states require the candidate to be registered as a write-in, 9 do not allow write in candidates at all, and the remaining 7 states (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Iowa, and Oregon) count the votes of anyone you write in.

However, Bernie is not a registered candidate in any of those 34 states. And even if he, by some miracle, managed to get enough votes to take all 7 of the open states, that would still not give him enough electoral votes to be president (see breakdown below).

Pennsylvania 20
New Jersey 14
Vermont 3
Rhode Island 4
New Hampshire 4
Iowa 6
Oregon 7
Total: 68 electoral votes

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