The Biden & Obama Adventure Hour

The Biden-Obama memes win the internet. Such funny stuff. I really want someone to greenlight a TV show of their "fictional adventures." Maybe it starts right after the election--more free time and Joe begins to set his Home Alone traps--then first season ends with the change-over in power and that fist fight Joe challenged Trump to a while back:

EXTERIOR. WASHINGTON DC GYM. REAR PARKING LOT. A fleet of BLACK LIMOS and SUVs surround the parking lot. The brilliant glow of their headlights reveal a rowdy crowd of men in nice suits and women in expensive dresses.

STEADY-CAM through CROWD while the hottest RAP TRACK blasts. FISTS full of money pump the air. DRINKS Slosh. WOMEN Cheer. All interspersed with SECRET SERVICE AGENTS looking on anxiously.

JOE BIDEN wearing boxing trunks and bouncing from foot to foot, BARACK OBAMA with his sleeves rolled up, a towel tossed casually over his shoulder, and a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. 

OBAMA: Can we turn that music down, Joe?

BIDEN: (SHAKES HEAD, ROLLS SHOULDERS) No, Barack. It gets me pumped.

OBAMA: (SIGHS) You sure about this, Joe?

BIDEN: (HITTING HIS FISTS TOGETHER) I’m gonna bust up that Orange turd like a high school kegger.

VOICE: (OS) You ready?

BIDEN: (YELLING) Michelle, hold my teeth!

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