The New McCarthyism Smoke Screen Continues

The New McCarthyism smoke screen continues. The unDemocratic Party wants you to forget all the facts of their own malfeasance and instead focus on some unproven narrative that Russia hacked the DNC, then provided the info to WikiLeaks to swing the election in favor of Trump even in the face of a WikiLeaks operative insisting someone inside the DNC provided them the documents out of disgust. 

Honestly, it's not that I'm surprised the DNC would pull this nonsense, I'm mostly surprised how many people have bought it into it and embrace it with both arms. I mean, I know I shouldn't be. You know, confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance and all that stuff that gets thrown around in online arguments. And this whole thing does allows a continuation of the infantile good/evil narrative that the duopoly always has in play during elections, but it's the hypocrisy that is so shocking to me. It's like:

You're not mad that the Democrats rigged the results of the primary but you are mad that revealing that the Democrats rigged the primary may have influenced the election.

You're not mad the Democrats collaborated secretly with traditional media sources to construct and control "news" narratives so they were favorable to the party's chosen candidate or that they rewarded those journalist collaborators with positions but you are mad that "fake news" may have led people to vote against the candidate.

You're worried that an oppressive foreign regime which controls news sources used fake news to influence our election and you think the best way to counter that is to let corporations like Facebook and Google decide what news you see and to trust only the same news sources that collaborated with the Democrats.

You're not mad the Democrats voted to keep the super-delegates who helped ensure their pre-chosen candidate won the primary, but you totally think they should get rid of the electoral college to stop their opponent--the guy you don't like.

You're not mad that one of the chief strategies of the Democratic Party to get their chosen candidate elected was to ensure Trump was their pre-selected candidate's opponent but don't blame them at all that he got the nomination and won.

You're totally worried about what's going to happen to immigrants under Trump but didn't seem to notice Obama's record-breaking mass deportation efforts.

You're really upset about the influence of big business on Trump's cabinet and policies but weren't bothered that Citibank pre-selected Obama's cabinet.

You're worried about the coming of tyranny under Trump and the right but don't mind that the majority of Democrats voted and still regularly voted to allow mass surveillance and that Obama's cabinet has been the most secretive in history while persecuting more whistleblowers than any other.

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