You Can't Inspire A Construct

Look at the headline: “Trump Inspires The Dow to 21,000”.

This is what’s wrong in America. We treat anything to do with the free market like it’s a person or a force of nature to be appeased with blood sacrifice and rain dances or, hell, like it’s fucking magic that’s going to fix everything (“Dear Free Market, bless Mommy and Daddy and…)

But it’s not. It’s simply a construct. And you can’t “inspire” a construct. I mean, think about it. Seriously, now. And since it’s a construct, it functions however it’s set up to function and that’s in a way that’s not mutually beneficial or even fair to everyone.

Notice too when the free market functions well, it’s always framed in those kinds of terms: inspired, encouraged, invigorated, fueled by hope. Like the Dow was just really sad and disheartened and all it needed was a little encouragement to do what we always knew it could do it, to work at it’s potential. But when the free market goes badly it’s back to being talked about in more inanimate terms. And that’s absolutely purposeful.

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