Entertainment & Economic Power

I don’t understand the thing people have with “live tv”. Hulu for example is blowing a ton of money on a stupid Hulu Live TV option.

Who cares?

There is literally nothing I want to watch badly enough that I HAVE to watch it when it airs. And who wants to sit through commercials? (Those are the two things I actually hate about Hulu--paying extra to avoid commercials and having to wait for new episodes). Plus, I have yet to see any live tv app or any app that includes a “live” stream that runs well across a variety of internet connections (that’s why we don’t have the WWE Network—their live channel broadcast portion of the app will not run reliably on our internet connection).

All “live tv” apps are is an attempt by the networks and companies to continue business as usual. Repackaging the same old TV experience you were sick of in a fancy enough package to trick you. (This is the same reason AT&T—literally—spent a billion dollars buying the failing DirecTV instead of spending that money on improving and upgrading the infrastructure of their phone/internet service).

The only way you’re going to get the experience you want is by not caving and using your economic power. Companies and corporations ultimately don’t care about your opinion until that opinion is backed up with a blow to profits. All you have to do is take a look at something like satellite and cable. When did the price finally come down? When you stopped giving them your money and went after the experience you wanted elsewhere. When did satellite and cable start offering you customizable packages instead of making you pay a $100 for a whole bunch of channels you were never going to watch? When you stopped giving them your money and went after the experience you wanted elsewhere.

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