Schmidt's Naturals

About two years ago, I discovered I had developed an allergy to propylene glycol after my underarm deodorant left my armpits red and blistered.

The worst part is propylene glycol is in most every deodorant I looked at (actually it's in a ton of crap). And unlike some people, I have to use deodorant because when I get hot, I sweat; when I sweat, it smells.

Had the worst time finding something that didn’t leave me blistered, dealt with the sweat, and smelled good without giving me a headache from artificial scents. First, I tried, this "all natural" crystals thing. That was worthless. To get it to do anything, I had to put on repeatedly during the day and even then it didn't work very well and left my armpit feeling gross, like their was something caked on by the end of the day.

I did finally find something that worked a lot better. But I was never really happy with it because it had no smell whatsoever and if it was a particularly hot day it would struggle to deal with sweat.

So when I saw a new deodorant in the store that checked off all my boxes, I picked it. And after using it for, probably four months, I have to says Schmidt's Naturals is hands down the best thing I’ve found.

Hands down.

It feels like a “normal” deodorant, it lasts through the day and deals with my sweat, it smells good and doesn't give me a headache, it doesn’t leave me with a weird buildup of gunk under my arm, and it isn't ridiculously expensive.

I highly recommend it.

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