The Dunwich Committee on Student Safety:

Miskatonic Dreams (Includes my story, "Your Special Advocate.")
There are those who chant the eldritch songs, who wait at the angled gates, who gather in blasted, nameless places to celebrate the return of the great Old Ones. For centuries, for millennia, their tales have not been told. Within these haunted pages you will find their stories of yearning, terror, murder, and a faith that defies the commonplace understanding of humanity. Come and see what really goes on at Miskatonic University.
Alban Lake: Print/Digital
Amazon: Digital

Lovecraftiana, Vol. 3, Issue 1 (Includes my story, "Cosmic Aggressions.")
In higher ed, there's talk about something called microaggressions—everyday unconscious verbal and nonverbal slights, snubs, and insults that communicate hostile and negative messages to marginalized persons.

This story imagines that concept at Miskatonic University.

 Rogue Planet Press: Print

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