6 Bullets for John Carter

In the future, thieves don’t steal your identity, they steal you. 

The man didn’t care who a client wanted or why, as long as they could pay. He buried his conscience under a mountain of wealth and there it stayed…until he agreed to grow the blonde from Alpha Centauri... 

Burned by a powerful client, the man fled Mars for the free cities, the anarchist encampments along the Kuiper Belt, and the black market strongholds secreted in the Oort Cloud. 

But now he’s tired of running. A slice-and-splice job has given him a new face and new body, but the rewrite will kill him in a matter of days. He’s got a powerful gun, but the weapon only came with six bullets. He’s sacrificing everything for revenge, but what will it get him? 

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The Ghostlight Collective

To Die in The Misty Blue


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